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Postdoctoral Fellow in Cornell Medical College, New York, United States

A postdoc fellow position is available in Dr. Nancy Du’s laboratory (www.nancydu.net) in Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell University. The main research focus in the Du laboratory is to understand the molecular mechanisms of cancer metastasis using mouse models and to develop novel therapeutics.

The position is open to graduating PhD or MD/PhD students and current postdoctoral fellows with less than three years of postdoctoral experience. High levels of critical thinking, strong technical skills, and recent first author publications in high impact journals are required.

Candidates should have strong organizational, written, and verbal communication skills in English. They should have the ability to work both independently and as part of our research team. The position offers competitive salary and the exposure to a dynamic and vibrant scientific environment at Weill Cornell Medicine, Rockefeller University, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the New York City area.

To apply, please send a cover letter with a brief summary of research experience and interests, CV, the contact for 3 references, and publications in one PDF file to

Yi-Chieh Nancy Du, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Weill Cornell Medical College
1300 York Avenue, Box 69
New York, NY 10065
email: nad2012@med.cornell.edu

公告人: 吳梨華 教授    聯絡人:吳梨華 教授    聯絡方式: 06-2353535 #3618


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工作內容: 工作內容: 細胞分生、 細胞分生、 癌症機轉 癌症機轉 研發領域。 研發領域。 研發領域。
詳見 藥理所王憶卿老師網頁 藥理所王憶卿老師網頁 藥理所王憶卿老師網頁 藥理所王憶卿老師網頁 藥理所王憶卿老師網頁 藥理所王憶卿老師網頁 藥理所王憶卿老師網頁 藥理所王憶卿老師網頁 藥理所王憶卿老師網頁 藥理所王憶卿老師網頁 http://pharma.ncku.edu.tw/files/15-1367-161288,c14108-1.php?Lang=zh-tw
研究專題: 研究專題: 1. 癌症之抑癌及致基因 之抑癌及致基因 之抑癌及致基因 機轉及抗癌 機轉及抗癌 分析 。
2. 腫瘤微環境 腫瘤微環境 之細胞生物學及動實驗 細胞生物學及動實驗 細胞生物學及動實驗 細胞生物學及動實驗 。
申請資格: 申請資格: 申請資格: 申請資格: 1. 具國內外大學「生命科」相關系博士 具國內外大學「生命科」相關系博士 具國內外大學「生命科」相關系博士 具國內外大學「生命科」相關系博士 具國內外大學「生命科」相關系博士 具國內外大學「生命科」相關系博士 具國內外大學「生命科」相關系博士 具國內外大學「生命科」相關系博士 具國內外大學「生命科」相關系博士 具國內外大學「生命科」相關系博士 具國內外大學「生命科」相關系博士 具國內外大學「生命科」相關系博士 具國內外大學「生命科」相關系博士 學位者 或碩士學位者 或碩士學位者 或碩士學位者 。
2. 專長為癌症生物學與腫瘤免疫相關研究 專長為癌症生物學與腫瘤免疫相關研究 專長為癌症生物學與腫瘤免疫相關研究 專長為癌症生物學與腫瘤免疫相關研究 專長為癌症生物學與腫瘤免疫相關研究 專長為癌症生物學與腫瘤免疫相關研究 專長為癌症生物學與腫瘤免疫相關研究 。
工作地點: 工作地點: 國立 成功 大學 藥理所
(台南市大學路 (台南市大學路 (台南市大學路 1號 成大醫學院 成大醫學院 8F )
工作時間: 工作時間: 自 20 18年 1月 1日開始。 日開始。
待 遇: 比照 科技部 。
意者請洽:王憶卿 意者請洽:王憶卿 意者請洽:王憶卿 意者請洽:王憶卿 教授
(06) 2353535 (06) 2353535 (06) 2353535-分機 5502

公告人: 王憶卿教授    聯絡人:王憶卿教授    聯絡方式: 06-2353535*5502


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1. 核酸檢測/萃取試劑開發驗證與優化測試
2. 設計開發及驗證singleplex 與multiplex real-time PCR檢測試劑
3. 產品性能評估規劃與驗證
4. 依照品質管理系統要求,產品技術資料建立、維護










需求人數:1 人







語文條件:英文 -- 聽 /中等、說 /中等、讀 /中等、寫 /中等




1. 醫學技術及檢驗學類, 微生物學類, 生物科技學相關科系碩士(含)以上
2. 具分子生物、醫學檢驗技術相關專業背景
3. 熟悉DNA、RNA萃取、PCR、Real-Time PCR、digital PCR、primer/probe 設計等分子生物操作技術
4. 具有IVD檢測試劑開發或相關生醫產業經驗
5. 熟悉生物統計軟體(如SPSS等)使用操作以及熟悉品質管理系統之技術資料準備 (ISO13485、ISO9001)尤佳
6. 能獨立進行實驗操作,具備獨立思考、團隊合作及良好溝通技巧者尤佳



1. 新人訓練
2. 專業/職能訓練:研發及工程、行銷/銷售、財務/管理、進出口/採購、資訊科技等專業訓練
3. 管理才能訓練:基層、中階及高階管理訓練
4. 通識教育訓練:公司價值觀、顧客滿意、品質、安全及衛生
5. 專案導向訓練:企業議題討論會/研討會
6. 自我發展訓練:語言課程、數位學習


◎ 多元學習環境

◎ 與國際接軌之員工個人發展

◎ 績效導向之薪酬

◎ 福利及生活照顧




◎ 台南廠《聯絡人:人力資源部 陳小姐》
電話:06-5056565分機5303 e-mail:tnhr@deltaww.com

公告人: 95級校友李怡臻    聯絡人:金小姐    聯絡方式: 06-5056565


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The job contents and requirement are as follows.
Job Title: Assistant Researcher 
Education: Master or above 
1. IVD kit development(molecular biology back ground)
2. Molecular biologyproduct/ kit development.(molecular biology back ground)
For more detailed information, please see on the104 websites(https://www.104.com.tw/job/?jobno=4uwwa&jobsource=)
Please contact Dr. Lin who is in charge of this recruitment if you have any recommendedcandidates. 

公告人: 王宥甯    聯絡人:Dr. Lin    聯絡方式: bazille.lin@yb-biotech.org

The University of New South Wales Scientia Scholarships - 125 Scholarships this round on Trialect

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We have postings on Trialect on soliciting applications for   The University of New South Wales Scientia Scholarships. The UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship Scheme aims to attract the best and brightest people from around the world into strategic research areas and provide them with an enhanced culture of research excellence, mentoring, career development, leadership and community. There are 125 scholarships this year. The awards will be made across all Faculties in areas of identified research strengths. We are reaching out to you as the deadline is fast approaching. The details can be perused at:

This prestigious scholarship package includes:

  • Work on high quality research projects with the best supervisory teams in world class environments
  • Tax free $40K a year stipend for four years for living expenses
  • Tuition fees covered for the full 4 year period
  • Coaching and mentoring will form a critical part of your highly personalized leadership development plan
  • Up to $10k each year to build your career and support your international research collaborations

Trialect Support 
+1.805.850.6002(USA)[for technical questions] 

公告人: 所辦    聯絡人:Trialect Support     聯絡方式: +1.805.850.6002

比利時天主教魯汶大學招收博班學生(PhD position in Stem Cell Biology & Development Laboratory)

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PhD position in Stem Cell Biology & Development Laboratory

The research unit "Stem Cell Biology and Development" at de Duve Institute in Université catholique de Louvain, Brussels, is searching for a highly motivated graduate student interested in studying the crosstalk of signaling pathways in regulation of hair follicle stem cells and skin tumorigenesis. The details of research and relevant publications are posted on the official website: http://www.deduveinstitute.be/skin-stem-cells
The successful candidate will be enrolled as a full-time PhD student during four years at Université catholique de Louvain starting from October 2017 (could be earlier), and will conduct a PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Wen-Hui Lien.
Project description: Skin epidermal stem cells that can self-renew and differentiate provide the unlimited source of cells required for long-term tissue morphogenesis, homeostasis, and injury repair. The behavior of stem cells is fine-tuned by the microenvironmental cues and their responsive intracellular signaling regulation. The aim of the thesis is to study signaling pathways and their underlying mechanisms to understand how hair follicle stem cells are regulated, and how these pathways cross-interact to each other in stem cells and/or with neighboring cells.
Applicants: 1. Must have a master degree in Biological Sciences or related fields 2. Have basic knowledge of molecular and cellular biology 3. Have hand-on experiences with in vitro and cell culture system 4. Preferentially have hand-on experiences with in vivo mouse models 5. Candidates should be highly proficient in spoken and written English
Contact information:
Candidates please send your curriculum vitae and a statement of research interests before June 30th, 2017 to: wen-hui.lien@uclouvain.be. If application is selected for further consideration, two

reference letters and a face-to-face interview in person or by Skype will be requested.

Prof. Wen-Hui Lien, Group leader

SCBD unit, de Duve Institute

Université catholique de Louvain

Avenue Hippocrate 74, Box B1.74.09

1200 Brussels

Phone: +32-2-764-7458


公告人: 吳梨華 教授    聯絡人:Prof. Wen-Hui Lien    聯絡方式: +32-2-764-7458

德國萊茵集團 杜夫萊茵股份公司誠徵Sales executive

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公司名稱: 德國萊茵集團 杜夫萊茵股份有限公司

職稱: 業務主任 Sales executive

工作地點: 台北市松山區八德路四段758號

工作內容:  1. 食品檢驗/顧問/驗證等各項服務市場開拓

                  2. 客戶關係維繫

                  3. 市場評估及分析、行銷活動協助

                  4. 專案協助


語言要求: 中、英語

科系要求: 不拘 (食品、生技、化學相關尤佳)

工作經歷: 不拘

希望到職日: 2016.7

Alvin Wei
Manager | Food Services Greater China

Tel. : +886 2 2172 7000 Ext: 1160
Fax : +886 2 2528 0019

TÜV Rheinland Aimex Ltd.
8F., No. 758, Sec. 4, Bade Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei 105, Taiwan

公告人: Alvin Wei    聯絡人:Alvin Wei    聯絡方式: +886 2 2172 7000 Ext: 1160


(更新日期/時間:2016-04-21 18:53:49)













2.撰寫確效報告,制定儀器操作 SOP。
































公告人: 分醫所    聯絡人:許人凱 Kyle    聯絡方式: 03-668-1025 #22


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  1.  學士級、生物醫學相關科系。
  2.  熟悉分子/細胞生物技術、可操作基本電腦作業,具高度穩定性及工作熱忱、良好學習能力 及溝通能力者。


        DNA 萃取實驗及其他交辦事項。 每週至少四天,需固定上班時間,約下午一點開始。

三、聘用:合者可立即上班。試用期 1 個月,通過者可簽約長期聘用。

四、準備資料: (1) 最高學歷證件影本電子檔 (2) 在學成績單。 (3) 簡歷。

五、上班地點:國立成功大學基因體醫學中心 (台南市勝利路 367 號)

六、合者面談,不合者恕不退件 七、福利:140 元/小時,以實際工讀時數計算。享有勞健保。

公告日期:105 年 03 月 31 日至 105 年 04 月 30 日 意者請將資料於 105 年 04 月 30 日前 Email 至 cwchien32@gmail.com

公告人: 分醫所    聯絡人:簡郡緯博士    聯絡方式: 06-2353535#3645


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Postdoctoral position in Department of Immunology, School of Medicine,
University of Connecticut Health Center
Postdoctoral positions are immediately available to study inflammation and immunity in
colorectal cancer development. Our laboratory aims to uncover mechanisms of cross
communication between immune cells and cancer cells using a variety of technologies
and approaches. Current projects focus on the role of tumor-associated inflammation in
regulating colorectal cancer development and immunity. More information can be found
Potential candidates should possess a Ph.D., or M.D. and have strong interests in the
biomedical sciences and a commitment to teamwork and learning new methods.
Experience with in vivo and in vitro models along with an interest in the study of cellular
and molecular mechanisms is desirable. If interested please send your CV, a one page
description of your research experience, and the contact information of three references
all in a single pdf document to kewang@uchc.edu.
Kepeng Wang, Ph.D.
Department of Immunology-MC1319
University of Connecticut Heath Center
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030
email: kewang@uchc.edu
UConn Health is an affirmative action employer in addition to an EEO and M/F/V/PwD

公告人: 所辦    聯絡人:Kepeng Wang, Ph.D.    聯絡方式: kewang@uchc.edu


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【徵才單位】國立成功大學  分子醫學研究所  張南山老師實驗室

【工作地址】台南市勝利路 367 號 4F(統一健康大樓)


                     如:細胞培養、動物實驗、Western Blot、cloning

【徵才條件】1.生醫相關科系畢業,須具備分生實驗經驗  (如 DNA、RNA、PCR 及 Cloning)。



                     學士:31,520 /月       碩士:36,050 /月

【聯絡方式】06-2353535#5592 張老師


                    寄至:  nschang13827@gmail.com  (若擔心我們沒有收到信件,歡迎來電確認)

公告人: 所辦    聯絡人:張老師    聯絡方式: 06-2353535#5592

汎球藥理研究所股份有限公司 Coordinator

(更新日期/時間:2015-11-17 13:32:20)

Job Title: Coordinator

Job Description:

  • Check the consistency among PO, data report and invoice to submit the generated data report and invoice.
  • Maintain the internal system for client requests.
  • Create Proforma invoices, Non-standard invoices and Credit/Debit memos.
  • The duties include collection mails and calls in a fast paced goal oriented team.
  • Provide manager regarding collection issues.
  • Perform other assigned tasks and duties necessary to support operation department and accounts receivable.
  • Provide excellent and considerate customer services.
  • Meet defined department goals and activity metrics.
  • Work with manager to figure out solutions to improve key figure-DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)


  • Diploma in business, or related field with minimum of 2 years’ experience in collections or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Strong English written and verbal communication skills required.
  • Proficient computer skills: Microsoft Office, especially Excel, Word & Outlook.
  • Demonstrated communication skills and a commitment to quality excellence.
  • Ability to work in a collaborative team environment.
  • Ability to organize multi-task to meet deadline.

Company Information:



公告人: 所辦    聯絡人:chiahuilee    聯絡方式: chiahuilee@eurofins.com

汎球藥理研究所股份有限公司 Associate Scientist

(更新日期/時間:2015-11-13 14:04:34)

Job Title: Associate Scientist

Job Description:
• Serve as a laboratory technician performing procedures to characterize antibiotic resistant microbial pathogens and novel antimicrobial agents. 
• Follow the working plan and execute anti-infectious tests in both in vitro and in vivo models in accordance with laboratory protocols and work orders under the instruction of supervisors.
• New Assay Development: conduct pilot studies for new assays in accordance with the study design from supervisors and Study Director.

• Bachelor or Master degree in life science field; microbiologist or medical technologist (醫檢師) is preferred. 
• Skilled at office software.
• 2~3 years’ work experience in clinical microbial lab is preferred.
• Good English communication.
• Good animal handling skill is preferred.

Company Information:
• 汎球藥理研究所股份有限公司(Eurofins Panlabs Taiwan, Ltd.)
• 台北市北投區立德路158號
• http://www.eurofinspanlabs.com

Contact Information:
• chiahuilee@eurofins.com

公告人: 所辦    聯絡人:chiahuilee    聯絡方式: 02 2891 6067

成大分醫所 張南山老師 實驗室 誠徵專任助理

(更新日期/時間:2015-11-13 13:52:52)





國立成功大學  分子醫學研究所  張南山老師實驗室



台南市勝利路 367 號 4F(統一健康大樓)




如:細胞培養、動物實驗、Western Blot、cloning



1.生醫相關科系畢業,須具備分生實驗經驗  (如 DNA、RNA、PCR 及 Cloning)。




學士:31,520 /月

碩士:36,050 /月



06-2353535#5592 張老師




寄至:  nschang13827@gmail.com


公告人: 所辦    聯絡人:張老師    聯絡方式: 06-2353535#5592


(更新日期/時間:2015-11-13 13:51:22)

條件: 1.生物醫學或微生物相關科系所畢業者。 2.具研究熱忱,認真好學。



聘期:自 104 年 9 月(或即日起)。

應徵方式:請將個人履歷表及自我介紹簡函 e-mail 至 chteng@mail.ncku.edu.tw 鄧景浩老師。

鄧景浩老師 (06)2353535 轉 4595

聯絡地址:台南市勝利路 367 號,成大分醫所鄧景浩老師辦公室(位 於國家衛生研究院 4 樓、成大醫院對面)

相關連結: http://imm.med.ncku.edu.tw/c_website/faculty/Faculty_chinese/ct_c. htm

公告人: 所辦    聯絡人:鄧景浩老師    聯絡方式: (06)2353535 轉 4595


(更新日期/時間:2015-11-13 13:49:59)

人格特質上,會希望是積極、主動、抗壓性強。如果是想安安穩穩做事 的,可能比較不適合。 這個位置希望未來可以當上管理階層的。再麻煩了,感謝 !

★ 工作內容: 1. 生物檢驗產品技術支援服務 2. 市場趨勢研究、產品資訊收集與分析 3. 產品銷售成果檢討與改善計劃 4. 其他專案業務 5. 新產品市場開發 ★ 應徵條件: 6. 熟悉免疫、生物技術者佳 7. 具備分析儀器操作經驗者佳 8. 熟悉食品法規者佳 9. 食品、生物、化學相關領域碩士以上 10. 英語程度佳 工作地點:台北市松山區,須配合出差(國內為主)

聯絡: Alvin Wei 魏彰志 杜夫萊茵股份有限公司

TUV Rheinland Aimex Ltd. 105 台北市松山區八德路四段 758 號 8 樓 8F., No. 758, Sec. 4, Bade Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R. O. C.)


Tel: 886-2-2172-7000#1160

Fax: 886-2-2528-0019

Mobile: 886-920-175-217

E-mail: awe@twn.tuv.com

Website: www.aimex.tw www.tuv.com/

公告人: 所辦    聯絡人:Alvin Wei    聯絡方式: 886-2-2172-7000#1160