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IMM Facilities

A variety of instruments is available within the Institute of Molecular Medicine for research and teaching. Included among the major items of equipment are:

‧ Ultracentrifuge

‧ Liquid scintillation counter (LKB 1217 and Parkard)

‧ HP 5890 Gas chromatograph and HP 5989A Mass spectrometer

‧ Savant high voltage electrophoresis

‧ BRL NA-2 DNA analyzer

‧ Beckman W-225 DNA synthesizer

‧ Fluorescence spectrophotometer

‧ LKB 1282 gamma counter

‧ High performance liquid chromatography (Beckman, Parkard, Waters, LKB and Hewlett Parker)

‧ Labconco lyophilizer

‧ Olympus 21411 inverted microscope

‧ Nicon phase contrast microscope

‧ Beckman DU-65 spectrophotometer

‧ UV-Vis spectrophotometer

‧ Hitachi 557 spectrophotometer