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NCKU Notice of Course Enrollment for the fall semester of 2018 2018-05-09
NCKU 2018 Academic Calendar 2018-05-09


Nan-Shan Chang,Ph.D.
Identification of an In Vivo MEK/WOX1 Complex as a Master Switch for Apoptosis in T Cell Leukemia. Genes Cancer. 2011 May;2(5):550-62.

Cancer cells are believed to be diehard or they never die. Assuming that there is a switch for turning on/off death in cancer cells, we discovered that when tumor suppressor WWOX or WOX1 is in association with a kinase MEK1, leukemia T cells do not undergo apoptosis. However,  ........... More

Chung-Liang Ho,Ph.D.、Chi-Wu Chiang,Ph.D.
Identifying LRRC16B as an oncofetal gene with transforming enhancing capability using a combined bioinformatics and experimental approach. Oncogene (2011). 30:654-667.

Oncofetal genes are expressed in embryos or fetuses, are downregulated or undetectable in adult tissues, and then re-expressed in tumors. Known oncofetal genes, such as ........... More





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